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Privacy Policy for

Here at, we have an appreciation for the privacy of our visitors. So we ascertain users that your data and information are protected by our best efforts. The privacy of our customers has importance to us truly. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact my team if you have any wonder or questions when visiting our blog.

By taking part in our blog, you agree to accept all our items. Besides, your personal data is defined in this policy clearly. It is necessary for you to get the privacy policy document outlines which we collect and how we use it at our blog.

Log Files

Similar to other websites, browser type, and exit/introduction pages are included on our website. The log files follow the privacy policy as clearly mentioned above. Some jobs such as tracking about the user’s movement, analyzing trends are used according to the privacy policy. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your personal information on our website.

Web beacons and cookies

In accordance with the policies and terms at, we may use visitors’ cookies to store information. Specific information or user preferences are stored on the pages that visitors visit. Cookies will customize the site content depending on the visitor’s browser type along with some information.

Chatbot feature

When you activate with chatbot features, IP will also be collected. With Facebook messenger activity, when you provide personal information, you will receive service newsletters or some promotional information. At this time, Facebook ID is also saved for distribution via chatbot.

Information you provide

Users’ information will be recorded when they use our service. That is the account, name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, social network, and ID from the provider.

How we use your information

Your information helps us provide relevant products as well as improve our services. User preferences, search trends, and the purpose of using your products will help make the best purchasing decisions. Not only is this great for the user, but also for us. You absolutely can choose the best product and we can also protect our services from negative actions on the Internet.

Amazon Associates Program

We cooperate with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program that is an affiliate advertising program approved of providing sites to earn an advertising fee by connecting products to,, and some websites combined with the program of Amazon.

Our Advertising Partners

Cookies together with web beacons on BestBudgetBlender may be used by our partners. Therefore this is also extremely important in our privacy policy!

Children Under 13

Children Under 13 are not given any priority at our blog. Based upon the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the website is not also designed to gather any personal information of kids below 13. We always make an attempt to ensure so that we can comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

As a result, we do not encourage the kids below the age of thirteen to provide any personal information on the blog. However in some situations, if the kids continue to provide personal information or detailed data, we require the parents or legal guardian for contacting via email to remove the information. With the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we will delete the information as soon as possible if we find out that the data is provided by a kid under 13.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

  • Google ads are served on the Best bidet toilet seats from the rules agreed by using cookies.
  • DART cookies will be used by Google to serve users through their website visit.
  • Users may completely decline the use of DART cookies by visiting the URL:
  • You will recognize that the ads are displayed on our blog in collaboration with other partners.


If there is any complaint between us and consumers will be resolved by the regulatory authority.

Changes in policy

At, any privacy policy may be changed with limited notice. Therefore, notifications will not be given immediately and we do not take responsibility for announcing to you like the terms.

To get the latest version of the privacy policy, please contact us via email. Any part of its unenforceable terms will be explained in accordance with the applicable laws above.

Please contact us as soon as possible when you still have concerns or questions about our policies.