Best Omega Blenders for Your Kitchen 2021: Review, Buying Advice & Recommendations

The world-leading juicer brand in the world – Omega has joined the blender manufactured game. If you are an Omega’s product lover or are looking for a quietest high-powered blender, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review the best Omega blender for you. 


Although Omega does not offer a wide range of blenders for us to choose, we still look forward to the models and features of these products. In this list we have put together a list of the 5 best Omega blender products. Also we will explore the pros and cons as well as answer some FAQs. And now, let’s start with our Omega blender review!

1. Omega 3HP Blender with 64 oz Container

One of the best Omega blenders is the Omega 3HP Blender. With a solid and luxurious design, comes with superior features. It is a valuable choice for those looking for quality and smooth blenders.

Omega 3HP Blender with 64 oz Container

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  • 10-Year coverage on parts and performance.
  • Create consistent blends.
  • Rubber pad minimizes vibration and noise.
  • All parts are BPA-free.
  • Wing tip stainless steel blade design.


  • The container is not dishwasher-safe so cleaning up takes a bit longer.
  • At 18.9” tall, you need to ensure you have adequate space for putting it under a cabinet.

This best Omega blender has 11 speeds, a pulse function and a 6-minute timer with an auto shut-off function that can produce a consistent mix. The Omega 3HP Blender has infinity control to help oscillate the blade to speed up and down and squeeze ingredients into the blade. It can quickly mix ingredients and multiple servings with ease. In addition, this blender has the ability to reduce noise. The Omega 3HP Blender has a rubber pad located above the engine housing and under the container to minimize its vibration and noise.

It comes with a 64-ounce BPA-free carrying case, with a clear measurement mark, and a detachable component cap. It has a stainless steel blade design at the tip of the wing. For added stability, it has 13 pins clamped under the motor housing. The Omega 3HP Blender also comes with a plunger and a spoon. You can use the plunger to push the ingredients into a continuous mixture. On the other hand, a spoon can be used to aid in moving the wedge-shaped ingredients over the sides of the container.

Bottom line

Overall, the Omega 3HP Blender is a worthy pick on our best Omega blender review list. It is suitable for those who want a blender with full features, quality and not too noisy during operation.

2. Omega OM6560S Blender

The unique Omega OM6560S blender has 3HP power in the blades to grind and mix the toughest foods you throw in. This makes it one of the most powerful blenders out there, easy to pocket and extremely reliable for your ever-growing blending tasks to support a healthy lifestyle.

Omega OM6560S Blender

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  • 10-Year coverage on parts and performance.
  • Noise reduction and stability.
  • Stainless steel wing tip blades can handle the hardest ingredients
  • Large capacity jar makes it suitable for bigger recipes
  • All parts are BPA-free.


  • Bulky design, you will need a lot of adequate space to store.
  • The gear between the motor and blade is uncertain.

This Omega blender has 11 speeds with LED speed indicator. Besides, it also has a switch switch for high and low speed and on and off with pulse function. The Omega OM6560S blender can quickly blend different ingredients with ease. It has a 64-ounce BPA-free container with a removable lid and clear markers. It has stainless steel blades for perfect smoothies.

This blender features noise reduction and stabilization. The Omega OM6560S blender also has a rubber pad on the top of the motor housing and under the container to reduce vibration and noise. You can remove this pad for cleaning. It is also convenient to use as it comes with a plunger and a spoon to push and move the ingredients in the carrying case. It also has a convenient wire storage under the device and 4 pins clamped under the motor to make it more stable.

Bottom line

Omega OM6560S blender is the best Omega blender for frozen fruit desserts, green smoothies, smooth milk, nut butter, ground seeds, raw soups and other delicacies. What sets it apart from other blenders is its intuitive simplicity of use. The most prized possession is for fresh food lovers and green smoothie fans who are serious about their healthy lifestyles.

3. Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender

Here comes the best Omega blender for who is always on-the-go! The MeGo blender extracts vitamins and minerals in seconds. A powerful 1000 watt motor converts vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens and ice into smooth, smooth nutritionally concentrated drinks. Just simply twist the container into position to mix.

Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender

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  • 6 strong stainless steel prongs.
  • BPA free & Dishwasher-safe containers.
  • Blend Cycle Auto Shut-off after 45 seconds.
  • Pressure Release Valve for safely blending warm foods and liquids.
  • Pocket size, easy to store.


  • Loud sound (when using in the morning)!

This Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender has a powerful 1000 watt motor that converts vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens and ice into a smooth and nutrient-dense drink. All you need to do is press down and twist to mix. It comes with two BPA-free and dishwasher-safe containers. One is a 32-ounce container, and the other is a 27-ounce container with two flip flaps, making them portable and easy to carry.

The Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender has a sleek and modern glossy black finish. Its blade has six solid stainless steel prongs. It has a pressure relief valve for safe blending of warm foods and liquids, as well as an auto shut-off function to keep you from worrying about blending.

Bottom line

This is the only personal blender on this Omega blender review list. What makes it the best personal Omega blender. With a clean and elegant appearance and outstanding features. The Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender is sure to be perfect for active and on-the-go people.

4. Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender

You are looking to open a coffee shop and find a suitable blender. Perhaps the Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender will be the right choice for you. With a powerful engine and a large container capacity, it is the best Omega blender you can think of.

Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender

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  • 10 year warranty.
  • BPA free & Dishwasher-safe containers.
  • 10-speeds with pulse and On/Off toggle control.
  • Pulse toggle switch is helpful in blending ice and fruit. 
  • Overload protection.


  • It can leak through the bearing in some cases.
  • At 19.5” tall, you need to ensure you have adequate space for putting it under a cabinet.

This Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender comes with a 64 ounce container equipped with an impressive combination of functional features and quality construction. It has a 10-speed and pulse function that allows you to manually stop and start the blender, let the ingredients fall onto the blade and don’t need a plunger. You can turn the pulse switch a few times to create a smoother mixture in a shorter time.

This blender’s on/off button is easy to use. The Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender also has a removable lid on the lid that will help you add ingredients easily, even during the mixing cycle. It has a stainless steel blade assembly and its carrying case is made of durable, BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic. You can use the Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender to blend a myriad of ingredients and combinations into a silky smooth texture.

Bottom line

While Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender is not really the best Omega blender in this list. It still has bright spots in its powerful engine and luxurious appearance. For an affordable price, you can consider this product if you want to use it for commercial use.

5. Omega BL330S 1HP Blender

The last blender in this Omega blender review list is the Omega BL330S 1HP Blender. This is a vintage-looking blender compared to the products reviewed above. However, its features are also very remarkable.

Omega BL330S 1HP Blender

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  • 1-hp commercial quality motor
  • Stainless steel container
  • Easy to use controls
  • Compact base
  • Large metal cooling fan


  • This blender is not made for chopping large chunks of ice and you must cut all fruit into one inch squares.
  • Plastic parts.

This Omega BL330S 1HP Blender has a compact container equipped with an efficient 1HP motor. It’s made to blend different ingredients into ice creams, soups, smoothies, and iced drinks with ease. It comes with an unbreakable Tritan Copolyester carrying case. The Omega BL330S 1HP Blender is powerful and can crush frozen fruit and ice. With this blender you can find the ideal balance between blending options and operating efficiency.

It has simple yet durable steel on and off switches. The Omega BL330S 1HP Blender has two speeds, with intuitive, and instant control over all your mixing tasks. It gives the powerful ice crushing power to the blade. It will also look nice in any kitchen and sit neatly under most wall units, giving you quick access to healthy recipes. The Omega BL330S 1HP Blender is a great blender, whether it’s for your daily blender or serving a smooth, fluffy soup.

Bottom line

Not the best in this Omega blender review list, but Omega BL330S 1HP Blender is very powerful. The product is also well-built and durable. There may be better blenders out there for $350+ but for under $100, I would say you definitely get your money’s worth with this model.


1. How can I maintain my best Omega blender?

Inspect the blender and its various parts and replace as follows: 


  1. Unplug the blender and remove the container from the base. 
  2. Inspect the container blades for wear, nicks, and broken or loose blades. Replace if necessary. 


  1. Unplug the blender. 
  2. Inspect the power cord insulation and power plug for cracks.


  1. Review the condition of the container assembly at least every 90 days. 
  2. Replace if necessary. 


For replacement parts call Customer Service: 1-800-633-3401

2. Can you show me some possible problems and easy solutions for my best Omega blender?

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Motor doesn’t start or blade doesn’t rotate. 


  • Check that the container and lid are securely locked into position. 
  • Check that the blade assembly is correctly attached to the base of the container. 
  • Check that the ‘START’ button and selected function or speed setting is on. 
  • Check that the power plug is securely inserted into the power outlet. 

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Food is unevenly chopped 

EASY SOLUTION: Either too much food is being blended at one time or the pieces are too large. Try cutting food into smaller pieces of even size and processing a smaller amount per batch. For best results, the food should be chopped into pieces no larger than ¾ inch. 

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Food is chopped too fine or is watery. 

EASY SOLUTION: The food is over processed. Try using the Pulse function or process for a shorter time. 

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Food sticks to blades and container. 

EASY SOLUTION: The mixture may be too thick. Try adding more liquid to the mixture and/or use another function.

3. How can we clean the best Omega blender?

Blender container parts are corrosion resistant, sanitary and easily cleaned.  Do not put the container assembly & blender base assembly in the dishwasher. 

  1. Before first use and after every use, separate container parts from the base. 
  2. Add a cleaning solution to the container. Use a washing solution of tepid water (less than 115°F/46°C) and a non-sudsing detergent. Use the recommended amount of detergent. 
  3. Scrub and flush out the container interior lid and feeder cap to remove food residue. Empty container. 
  4. Fill container 1/4 full with fresh washing solution and place it on the base. 
  5. Replace the lid on the container and run the blender on high speed for 2 minutes. 
  6. Repeat step 4 using clean rinse water (95°F/35°C). 
  7. Wipe down the container, feeder cap, and lid with a soft cloth or sponge, dampened with fresh washing solution. 
  8. Wipe the exterior of the base with a damp cloth or sponge. The base contains electrical components: do not immerse, use a high-pressure washer, or use a dishwasher to clean the base

4. How is the warranty of the best Omega blenders?

All Omega blenders have a 10-year limited warranty. Some Omega blenders have a warranty that is only for 2 years. You need to keep proof of purchasing such as the receipt, the packing and the box. One important thing to do is checking whether the dealer or the website are certified to sell Omega products with valid warranties.

Final Thoughts

After completing this Omega blender review list, we all acknowledge that the best Omega blender should go to the Omega 3HP Blender with 64 oz Container with its outstanding performance and luxurious appearance. This is an Omega blender suitable for families in the preparation of nutritious daily dishes.

Another interesting choice belongs to Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender with its compact design and simple operation. This is the best Omega blender for those who are always on the go.

These are the different types of blenders supplied by Omega. Like their juicer, you can count on their blender too. These blenders can help you make smoothies and other drinks every day. Hence, if you are looking for a good blender, consider the best Omega blender.

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