Best Breville Blenders 2021: Top-Rated, Buying Tips and Reviews


On the market these days, you can easily find best Breville blenders with different designs and prices. However, it is not that all of them are suitable for smoothies. So, we asked for advice from some chefs. And here is their recommendation. 

Starting the journey in Sydney in1932, Breville became the iconic global big name nowadays. Among innovative kitchen products of the brand, Breville blender is one of the shining stars delivered to over 70 countries all over the world. Especially, for those who fall in love with many smoothie recipes, some of these blenders are exactly worth considering.

But how can you choose the best Breville blenders for your smoothies among the mass? Which criteria should you focus when shopping? 

If those questions are still walking in your head, let us give some advice. And then we will have some product reviews. 


1. BBL920BSS1BUS1 Super Q – Best overall

“Super quick. Super quiet. Super blender” is the most perfect description for the first Breville blender of the list. The commercial device comes as a missing piece of the home kitchen. It not only has a powerful motor, but also features noise suppression technology. Hence, this model BBL920BSS1BUS1 Super Q is worth becoming the best option overall.

BBL920BSS1BUS1 Super Q – Best overall

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  • Powerful motor
  • Versatility
  • Numerous color options
  • Personal blender attachment
  • Long-term warranty


  • Large storage space
  • Expensiveness

When unboxing the Super Q, consumers may get disappointed at its exceptional large heavy design. However, the big blender has its powerful operation. It runs on an 1800-Watt motor which is the highest possible motor rating for blenders. Plus, a strong motor will combine with 186mph blade tip speed under load for as quick results as possible. 

The speed setting includes 12 levels in total. The diversity helps to optimize the blending results with a wide range of ingredients. You can try to make smoothies, nut butters/milks, fresh cocktails, or salad dressings. 

Besides, the model is available with two convenient attachments. One is the VAC Q™ and the other is a personal blender cup.

VAC Q™ is a vacuum pump placed on the top of the jar while the blender is running. Its main role is to improve texture, color and flavor of the blended mixture. And the personal blender cup attached with a smart base allows you to take it to wherever you want. 

Bottom line

The BBL920BSS1BUS1 Super Q is really a shining star helping Breville to take its high position on the market. With the modern design and structure, both convenience and powerfulness are in one blender. 

2. BBL820SHY1BUS1 Q – Best for powerful operation

You love the way that the Breville Super Q runs. However, your budget is not enough. Then, we would like to introduce the BBL820SHY1BUS1 Q – an ideal Breville blender for powerful operation.

BBL820SHY1BUS1 Q – Best for powerful operation

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  • Quick and powerful motor
  • One-touch programs
  • Auto clean function
  • VAC Q™
  • Different speed settings
  • Long-term warranty


  • Large storage space
  • No personal blender cup

Like the Super Q, the Q model of Breville performs powerfully thanks to an 1800-Watt motor along with 186 mph blade tip speed. Despite fewer number of speed settings, a system of 5 levels is enough to produce advanced texture optimization for smoother & softer textures. 

When your main use is for making smoothies, the device can surely do a fine job. The four built-in one-touch programs optimized with the time and speed adjustments to produce the tastiest results. It includes modes for smoothie, green smoothie, ice crush, and soup. Hence, you only need to choose one of them and let the blender start. 

One more special point of this model is the auto-clean function. A one-touch program uses clean water or detergent to clean the jug and blades after using. Thus, you can save a lot of time with the Breville Q.  

In comparison with the Super Q, the Q only has small drawbacks that it owns fewer speed settings as well as convenient attachment. 

Bottom line

Regardless of some disadvantages, the Breville Q is still worth considering. Sometimes, you will not need all of the modern functions as the ones of the Breville Super Q. In that case, the BBL820SHY1BUS1 Q is good enough. 

3. BPB610BALUSC Boss To Go Sport – Best for compact design

Sometimes, everything you need is just a blender with a compact design which does not take too much storage space. If it is your case at the present, let’s try to think about the Breville BPB610BALUSC Boss To Go Sport model.

BPB610BALUSC Boss To Go Sport - Best for compact design

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  • Convenient tumblers
  • Compact design
  • Heavy-duty base
  • High-quality lid ring
  • An e-book of recipes


  • One speed

A key to having an excellent smoothie is undoubtedly smoothness. The Boss To Go Sport owns Kinetix blade and bowl systems. This combination pulls ingredients down. And then large curved sweeping blades start turning them into small particles to produce a mixture of super perfect texture. 

For many other blenders, you have to pour the drink into cups or bowls. However, in the case of the Breville Boss To Go Sport, the convenience steps into a higher level. You only need to remove the smooth edge tritan tumbler, twist on a lid and keep it with you everywhere. Each set of this Breville blender model has two tumblers. Hence, you can use them to make smoothies for two. 

Plus, when it comes to convenient tumblers, we need to discuss the Breville assist lid a little bit. This unique ring is easy to remove, but gets sealed so tight in its place on the top of the tumbler. It will help to keep mixture inside the tumbler from spilling out. 

Bottom line

When you prioritize convenience, no blender is better than the Breville BPB610BALUSC Boss To Go Sport. It takes minutes to make your smoothies. And then you only need to remove the blending base and enjoy. There is no cup needed in this case for sure. 

4. BBL620BTR1AUS1 Fresh & Furious – Best for money

The next idea of the list is the budget-friendly BBL620BTR1AUS1 Fresh & Furious model. We consider this Breville blender as the nicest option to fit any kitchen counter with an acceptable convenience. 

BBL620BTR1AUS1 Fresh & Furious – Best for money

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  • Dishwasher safe
  • High-quality bowl material
  • 5 different speeds
  • Auto-clean function


  • Loud operation

The BBL620BTR1AUS1 Fresh & Furious blender has a sturdy pitcher which you can clean in a dishwasher. We know for sure that the blender bowl is BPA free so that the pitcher material will not negatively affect the food safety. 

As for operation, this model is not as powerful as some options above. However, its 1300-watt motor is strong enough for many recipes from smoothies with soft ingredients to butter or milk. You can choose 5 different speeds in total based on different ingredients and the result texture you expect. 

To enhance the quality of blending results, Breville adds into the Fresh & Furious model a Vac Q vacuum pump. When you install it on the top of the blender to improve texture, color and flavor of the mixture. 

For instance, it helps to make smoother smoothies, creamier butter, and silkier soup. For the milk shake, the perfect light and bubbly texture will be ready thanks to the air whipped through the pump. 

Bottom line

Overall, the BBL620BTR1AUS1 is a typical Breville blender. It is not too excellent, but also not too bad. The blend can do common blending jobs at a fair price and quality.  So, we decide to put this model into the list. 

5. BSB510XL Control Grip – Best for two-in-one

The BSB510XL Control Grip  is a Breville blender that comes with a different style in comparison with the four options listed above. The hand blender offers you two styles of blending arms.

BSB510XL Control Grip - Best for two-in-one

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  • Compact storage
  • Two styles of blending arms
  • Anti-suction technology
  • Ergonomic trigger grip


  • Weak motor

We highly recommend the final idea of the best Breville blenders to make smoothies with soft ingredients. A 250-watt motor allows you to adjust up to 15 different speeds. 

The anti-suction blending technology may be the most outstanding feature of the BSB510XL. For the bell-shaped blending base along with internal ribbing, the device can reduce suction while the blade is running. 

Plus, there are two blending arms. One is the blade and the other is the whisk attachment. Both of them have non-scratch bases so that they will not leave any scratch on the blender base while running. 

Because of being a hand blender, the BSB510XL comes with an ergonomic trigger grip. It allows the hand to assume a more natural position and provides increased stability to control with soft touch finish.

For the same role, on the bottom of the bowl, you can see a rubber ring. It will do its job of keeping the blender bowl in place while you run the blender arm. After blending, you cover that bowl and store it in the refrigerator. 

Bottom line

With the BSB510XL Breville blender, there is no need for you to use exactly the bowl of the set. You can apply the blending arms for any containers in your kitchen since it is a typical convenient hand blender. It is the point that many users appreciate with this model. 


1. How to choose the best Breville blenders for smoothies?

There is no need for you to waste lots of money buying Breville blenders to satisfy your expectation of the highest quality all the time. Honestly, the key to bear in mind is that the best Breville blender is the one which can meet your demand effectively instead of the expensive products.

The following will be the ultimate guides so that you can find excellent blenders for your tasty smoothies at home. 

1.1. Types of blender

Brands divide blenders into four main types including hand blenders, traditional countertop blenders, personal bullet blenders, and high-performance blenders. 

  • Hand blenders: People use to blend soups and simple smoothies with soft fruits for only one serving. This type requires little storage space, but takes the most time and your effort.  
  • Traditional countertop blenders: It is convenient to make simple smoothies with soft ingredients, protein shakes, and milkshakes for 1-2 servings. And the storage space is often medium large. 
  • Personal bullet blenders: You can run this blend for all types of smoothies, protein shakes, frozen drinks from crushed iced, and nut butter or milk. Its capacity is enough for 1-2 servings and only takes little medium storage space. 
  • High-performance blenders: As the most powerful option, the high-performance blenders allow users to blend all types of smoothies even with the toughest ingredients. Also, some models are available to work for nut butters, nut milks, soups, and ice creams. Especially, the device can blend from 1 to 4 servings once. 

1.2. Models of blender

Next, we turn to important factors to look into when you choose the models of blenders. 

  • Number of servings expected: Many blenders come with a family-sized pitcher while some others are suitable for 1-2 servings. So, you have to estimate your family’s needs or the number of family members before choosing the size of the blender. 
  • Storage space required: Besides sizes, the storage space is another factor to highlight. We will never suggest you to buy a blender with the large storage space required when your kitchen is tiredly cramped. Generally, the one which is about 17 inches tall will fit under most cabinets.  
  • Materials of the jar: Plastic, glass and stainless steel are three common materials that many brands apply for jars of their blenders.. If you would like a lightweight jar, plastic material will always be the best option. However, it may absorb odors. Moreover, it can stain and scratch easily for months of use. One note for you when choosing this type is that the plastic must be BPA free for food safety. As for the glass jar, it is heavier and breakable a little bit. But users appreciate this material because of not absorbing odors or scratch easily. In case that both plastic and glass are not your favorite, we recommend stainless steel. 
  • Ease of cleanup: It is never a good idea to clean the blender pitcher in a dishwasher if the brand has a warning about the device dishwasher safe. Moreover, a blender with touch pads will not challenge you in cleaning as much as those with knobs or dials do. 
  • Speeds: The more speeds a blender features, the more convenient for you to make your drinks or food. Most products on the market have 5 levels of speed in total. Plus, the pulse function is also in need if you frequently blend frozen or tough ingredients. 
  • Motor: Undoubtedly, a motor is a key element deciding the quality of your blending results. A powerful motor can ensure that your smoothies will be really smooth. Plus, it helps to crush ice effectively. In general, we suggest you choose the blenders with their motor above 800 watts for more impressive results. 

2. What are maintenance tips for a blender to work effectively?

We divide tips into three categories including what to clean right after using, what to clean monthly, and what to clean yearly. Then, here they are. 

2.1. Cleaning after using

For the most basic cleaning, you apply for the jar and attachments of the blender right after using them. 

  • Step 1: Removing the jar and the attachments from the blender base.
  • Step 2: Placing them into the dishwasher. But in case that your blenders are not dishwasher-safe, turning to Step 3. 
  • Step 3: Soaking the jar and all attachments in a kitchen sink filled with warm water and some dishwashing liquid. 
  • Step 4: Using a sponge to clean the jar and attachments. 
  • Step 5: Drying the jar and attachments thoroughly and using a damp soft towel to wipe down the body of the blender. 
  • Step 6: Keeping the whole blender in a dry place.

2.2. Cleaning monthly

Each blender has its vents for the airflow inside the motor. The cleaner this part is, the smoother the blender can run. Hence, you should clean the blender’s vents monthly with a toothbrush and soft cloth to ensure its best performance. 

Firstly, you use the brush to sweep away the dust on the vents. If the dust gets hardened, we suggest spraying some baking-soda-mixing water before brushing. Secondly, you wipe down these vents by a warm damp cloth. 

2.3. Cleaning yearly

For every one year, it is a need to do deep cleaning with your blender once or twice. Especially during the time with the maximum frequency of use, deep cleaning becomes extremely essential. 

  • Step 1: Using a dry toothbrush to brush around the blender’s parts such as speed control and attachments. 
  • Step 2: Wiping around the blender head by a damp cloth. 
  • Step 3: Laying the device down to clean the underside and around the blender bottom. 
  • Step 4: Waiting for the device to get dry and storing it. 

3. Can we buy additional accessories for blenders?

Yes, we can. Some places to buy the additional for blenders include big e-commerce sites, brands’ official stores, or reliable local shops. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding blenders for smoothies will help you to save a lot of time choosing the best one from the mass. And all information above is what we need to share, from a shopping guide to reviews of the best Breville blenders

Honestly, these four recommended products in the list are outstanding blenders with unique advantages of their own. 

But if you need a Breville blender owning all of those good points, we suggest choosing the Breville Super Q. The blender is not only powerful with a motor allowing up to 12 different speeds, but also perfectly convenient with a tumbler attached. 

The following will be a list of the best Breville blender reviews for smoothies. Let’s see how they can meet requirements listed above. 

What is your choice? We are so eager to know about it. So, let’s feel free to leave us a line in the comment box below!

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